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The Institut du Bosphore represents a free and objective think-tank supporting an ongoing dialogue and discussions. The mission of The Institut du Bosphore is to bolster links between France and Turkey.

The Institut du Bosphore aims to foster a better understanding of Turkey in France, to facilitate common reflection of French and Turkish people on Europe and current global issues and to contribute and shape public policies both in France and Turkey. It debates topics such as global politics, economy, social and cultural issues with a view to highlighting Turkey’s involvement in global society and in particular its close ties with the European Union and France. 

The Institut du Bosphore is an independent organization bringing together high-level Turkish and French personalities from various backgrounds including politicians, businessmen, economistes, experts and intellectuals. 


L’Institut du Bosphore, a key player in bolstering links between France and Turkey

With € 11.6bn in 2010 and € 12,6bn in 2011, bilateral trade between France and Turkey has reached a level never seen before, despite a contraction of 10.7% in 2009 due to the global economic slowdown.
At € 6.7bn in 2011, exports to Turkey has increased by 7% compared to 2010, i.e. slightly below the increase in France’s total  export growth (8.3%) during 2010-2011 period. Over the same period, French imports of Turkish products have climbed to over €5.9bn, up 8,6% over 2010, slightly less than the increase in France’s total imports (+11% including energy).The trade balance is in surplus for France, reaching  € 800 millions, increased by 4% since last year.

France is Turkey's 4th biggest trading partner outside the EU and Switzerland:
Bilateral trade has soared by a factor of 4 since the customs union. It exceeds €12bn and is now almost in balance.

France is Turkey's 6th biggest foreign investor:
There were only 15 French companies in Turkey in 1985, today there are nearly 400, more than half are CAC 40 companies.
Economic growth in Turkey and its progressive integration into the EU foster trade and success of French investments in Turkey, thereby contributing to job creation in both countries.

France is one of the principal countries receiving Turkish students.

In this context, and building on the Turkish Season in France, TUSIAD, the association of Turkish industries and companies, took the initiative in early 2009 of setting up a think tank designed to bolster Turkey-France relations and bring them to the attention of the general public.

The first think-tank entirely dedicated to relations between France and Turkey, the aim of Institut du Bosphore is to open a new chapter in dialogue between Turkey and its partners. Creating a platform for dialogue between people involved in our shared economic, social and intellectual life has turned out to be both a unique yet natural initiative.

This desire to create a platform for dialogue gave rise in September 2009 to the birth of Institut du Bosphore

TUSIAD in brief

As a voluntary entrepreneur organization representing directly or indirectly 12 federations and 20.000 companies from Turkey’s foremost industrial - service sectors, TUSIAD plays a significant role in the Turkish economy. TUSIAD member companies account for 50% of private sector employment, %50 of all value added created in Turkey and 65% of industrial production. On the trade side, excluding energy imports, TUSIAD member companies realize 80% of Turkey’s total foreign trade volume.

TUSIAD has represented Turkish business community on global platforms by more than 175 interactions with B20, BUSINESSEUROPE, and OECD-BIAC in the last 5 years.

Besides being member of BUSINESSEUROPE like MEDEF, TÜSİAD acquired a strong voice internationally through its membership to BIAC of the OECD, B-20, EU Chamber of Commerce in China. Apart from our Ankara office, we have a strong international network of 6 representative offices around the world, 4 of them in Europe: Brussels, Washington, D.C., Paris, London, Berlin, and Beijing.

TUSIAD undertakes to defend the universal principles of democracy and Human Rights and supports freedom of enterprise, belief and opinion.

TUSIAD aims to establish the legal and institutional framework of a market economy and to ensure application of internationally accepted ethics in the world of business.

TUSIAD engages in public debates as part of its activities and in compliance with its mission, by communicating its positions on current affairs

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