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In five years, Bosphorus Institute has carried out significant progress. It managed to present itself as a prominent think tankand has considerably strengthened its network. Consequently, the idea of establishing an enlarged network where representatives of business world, media, politicians and intellectuals will have the opportunity to shed light upon France - Turkey relations, came naturally. Bosphorus Circle Meetings is a forum of ideas and an influential network in service of France - Turkey relations.
Bosphorus Circle Meetings contributes to the revitalization of the public debate about Turkey and related issues, through high level debates on current affairs or interventions of its high level participants - as well as through the high quality and diversity of its participants.

As an active and influential network, Bosphorus Circle Meetings through its debates, facilitates a better understanding on current issues, exchanges of information, and enables a direct and privileged access to French and Turkish decision makers. 

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