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Message from the President

«Institut du Bosphore has made considerable progress since its creation in 2009. By implementing a strategy of high-level institutional and press meetings, by connecting  with in‑uential actors from the largest cities in France and by publishing on its website numerous analyses, Institut du Bosphore has become a leading  think tank on on the relations between France, European Union and Turkey.

Moreover, our annual seminar, along the Bosphorus in Istanbul, brings together prominent people from various backgrounds and takes place around a main theme treated through its  political, economic and cultural aspects. Institut du Bosphore  prepares its annual program considering political and geopolitical calendar that is most often marked by elections, economic conjuncture and international relations. This program also aims to address broader issues such as the challenges of the transition to digital economy, G20, energy policies, the future of Europe, transatlantic relations, and the political transitions in the EuroMediterranean region.

Institut du Bosphore continues to strengthen its collaboration with French and European think thanks, leads discussions and publishes its political and economic analyses in line with the particularly busy current affairs.

We are con­dent that as a European think-tank, Institut du Bosphore will further contribute to the debates on global issues and questions related to the construction of Europe and the position of France and Turkey in this con­guration.»

Dr. Bahadır Kaleağası

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